My practice takes inspiration from the marine environment and coastline that I am surrounded by.

 I am interested in how the elements affect and alter the landscape, how they have the power to cause the changes we are witnessing often with devastating effects.  Art can be used as a tool to engage in conversations connecting people, inspire change and promote awareness.

My work focuses on beauty and devastation, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between the natural and manmade world.

  Recent work explores the medium of monoprint where the changes that happen between the plate and finished image are reflected in the immediacy of the monoprint, a metaphor and parody for change. 

In responding to the elements I express the fleeting glimpses of light and shadow that are constantly changing along with the landscape itself, a celebration of the beauty that I am surrounded by and a positive response to the recent lockdown where I have found time to walk and really notice my surroundings. 

In the words of Degas ‘art is not what you see but what you make others see’

Working on a larger scale emphasises and reflects the simplicity and beauty of the vast expansive open spaces which often go unnoticed.